CBM is Listing on IDCM at 3rd February, 2020

Everything you imagine becomes an innovation. - Y.S.H(President of WBCIA) -

Operator & Investor’s Benefit

The licensee provides online lecture and offline course services on the CBM Coin business
network. CBM Coin business networks enable you to reduce unnecessary marketing and
advertising costs and expand potential customers.
Investors buy coins through the IEO, exchange. Based on CBM coin that is owned by an
investor, actual services such as test materials, video lectures, offline incubation process, and
test application are guaranteed as collateral. In addition, as the business network of CBM coin
expands, the value of CBM Coins can be expected to increase as users increase and demand
of CBM Coins increases. Investors can cash in immediately through cryptocurrency exchanges
where CMB coins are currently registered, and the more the CBM coin listing on the bourse
expands, the more refundable it will be.

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